09. September 2017 - 17:00
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Q-BASE 2017 | Official Q-dance Event | Airport Weeze | Samstag, 09. September 2017

Die Hards, the endboss of all festivals returns for those who crave to go all-out. Attend the 2017 event now.

VIP tickets for Q-BASE are sold out. Regular tickets are still available at http://bit.ly/QBASE17-Tickets
Travel Packages including regular tickets are available via http://bit.ly/Q-BASE17-TravelStay.

Each year, Q-BASE represents the roughest side of the harder styles. Explore today’s leading sound at the Hangar, Warehouse and Mainstage, or venture into the hardest part of Q-BASE with ‘PRSPCT’ and ‘Bunker Kom Je Niet’. New additions this year are ’25 Years of The Viper’, ‘Nightbreed: Running With Wolves’, ‘Gearbox Digital’ and ‘Parookaville. To top it all, Q-dance curates this year’s Hardstyle area containing multiple exclusive acts, while the classic area is hosted by none other than Noisecontroller’s ‘Attack Again Tour’.

Check the Q-BASE 2017 trailer: bit.ly/QBASE17-Trailer.
Watch 14 HOURS IN 80 SECONDS: http://bit.ly/QBASE16-14H-RAVE.
Watch the Q-BASE 2016 aftermovie: bit.ly/QBASE16-Aftermovie.
  • This Saturday, we rave! Check out the #QBASE timetable and read the All You Need To Know at bit.ly/AYNTK-QB17.
  • Sub Zero Project got the honour to create the OST for #QBASE’s mighty Hangar. Listen to 'Stand Strong' now.
  • This one’s not for the faint-hearted. Listen to 'Q-Galaxy', the #QBASE BKJN OST by The Sickest Squad ft. MC Diesel now.
  • Show your support for this year's #QBASE anthem. Strike As A Die Hard by Noisecontrollers is out now.
  • Get ‘Lost in Dreams’ and go harder than ever before. Listen to the #QBASE Warehouse OST by D-Fence now.
  • Die Hards, VIP tickets for #QBASE are sold out. Regular tickets are still available at bit.ly/QBASE17-Tickets. Travel Packages (including regular tickets) are available via bit.ly/Q-BASE17-TravelStay.
  • It’s time to let yourselves go and Strike As A Die Hard! Check out the #QBASE 2017 anthem by Noisecontrollers.
  • From hardstyle to frenchcore, the #QBASE Spotify Playlist is here to fulfill all your raving needs: bit.ly/QB17-playlist. What's your favorite track?
  • Attention Die Hards, #QBASE tickets are now available at bit.ly/QBASE17-Tickets.
  • Why stop at 14 hours? Extend your insane Q-BASE trip with a Q-dance Travel Package and enjoy a fully arranged weekend with your rave buddies. Now available including tickets at bit.ly/Q-BASE17-TravelStay.
  • The endboss of all festivals returns for those who crave to go all-out. Watch the full Q-BASE 2017 trailer now: bit.ly/QBASE17-Trailer.