21. Juni 2021 - 10:00 bis 16:00
Old Sarum Castle, Salisbury
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Wildflower Identification and Survey 2021 | Montag, 21. Juni 2021

Wildflower Identification and Survey - Neutral and Calcareous Grasslands

Old Sarum and Figsbury Ring

A one-day course giving participants 

the ability to identify the wildflowers in semi-improved neutral and calcareous grasslands, using simple features

a good understanding of key indicator species

an introduction to yellow composites

This training day will familiarise participants with wildflowers commonly encountered in the countryside, as well as the more specialist species associated with species-rich calcareous grassland. No keys will be used, but we will aim to get a handle on the main families of flowering plants in the UK, to help identification skills. The workshop will be carried out in stunning hill-forts surrounding Salisbury, and provide the opportunity to discuss some of the conservation management issues of these habitats, and how wildflowers can be used as indicator species of the habitats they live in. 

The day will start by covering many of the species that are commonly encountered while surveying neutral grassland before moving on to the nearby Figsbury Ring, a SSSI with unimproved grassland and extremely diverse grassland flora, and the chance to see and learn several species of orchid. 

At both sites, as well as being shown species, participants will carry out quadrat monitoring in small groups to revise what we have seen.

Tutor: Dominic Price

About the tutor:

Dominic Price is a highly regarded botanical tutor and has been running courses for all levels of ecologists since 2007. He is director of The Species Recovery Trust and specialises in the conservation of endangered species. He is the author of A Field Guide to Grasses, Sedges and Rushes and co-author of The Photographic Guide to Winter Trees and Shrubs. 

What to bring


Water, lunch and snacks

Hand lens (there will be some to purchase on the day)

£3 for parking at Old Sarum (contactless payment available)

Old Sarum can be extremely exposed to the weather and there are no indoor facilities beyond the loos. Any problems on the day please call Dominic Price on (07968) 786390. 

Please inform us of any relevant medical requirements/conditions we should be aware of prior to the course. 

Lifts available from the station and between sites on request.

Feedback from previous courses

‘*** has a great way of imparting knowledge. Humour makes things easier to remember!'

‘Just right for an audience of mixed knowledge levels’

‘Really interesting course and I feel I have learned a lot and wish to continue learning.’

‘Really well-organised and well-designed course. Lots of info but also lots of practice.’

‘Genuinely spot on, tutor was incredibly attentive to individual knowledge levels’