13. Juli 2019 - 8:30 bis 15:00
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Dancer Love Foundation Row Raiser 2019 | Quincy Mall | Samstag, 13. Juli 2019


History of The RowRaiser
Since partnering with Area 11 Special Olympics, QTown CrossFit has become a model of inclusion. On September 6, 2014 Sam Dancer and his staff opened their hearts to helping to raise monies for a few “special” athletes. 
Upon seeing the success of the event and the impact Special Olympic athletes had on the QTown Fitness community, the desire to impact more Special Olympic Athletes grew. That is how the first ever “ RowRaiser ” was created. 
2016 Sam used his passion to raise funds and awareness for the more than 22,000 athletes of Illinois by taking the “Sam Dancer Row Raiser” statewide.
Since 2017 the Row Raiser has been growing and now includes over 20 states and various international sites.
The concept is simple: Participants, teams of 10 ($50 per athlete), compete together by completing a 26.2mile row. In 2016, we hoped to have 4 locations throughout the state. We are now a Non for Profit and taking his vision world wide.
The  “Row Raiser” will seek to grow communities of inclusion by building relationships and providing funding to increase services and educate others to serve community members who struggle with emotional, intellectual, and physical disabilities. Primarily looking to help members who are directly involved in Crossfit, the “Dancer Love Foundation” will serve as a platform to encourage, educate, and fund expressions of fitness in everyday life for those who are members or who are looking to create their own environments of inclusion through fitness.
As the founder of the movement, Sam Dancer is turning his concept over to his wife, Jennifer Dancer who is partnering with individuals who have been working together since the first years event. As of 2019, the “Dancer Love Foundation” is born.