22. September 2020 - 8:00
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Power Up Your Staff Engagement to Drive Passion, Loyalty & Financial Success | Medline Industries, Inc. | Dienstag, 22. September 2020

Power Up Your Staff Engagement to Drive Passion, Loyalty & Financial Success
Faculty Instructor: Kristin Baird, MHA, BSN, RN
Employee engagement takes much more than handing out T-shirts and holiday turkeys once a year. True engagement happens through strategic and purposeful planning and execution.
Creating and sustaining an engaged healthcare workforce has never been more important. The cost of turnover in the **** of an ever-growing workforce shortage threatens quality, safety and service. Research confirms a strong correlation between staff engagement and patient satisfaction. Under Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) providers with poor satisfaction stand to lose millions. In addition; billions of dollars are spent each year on recruiting new team members, yet far less time, attention and resources are spent on strategically planning for employee engagement. A sound engagement strategy helps to stop the bleeding.
This two and a half-day intensive workshop is designed to help healthcare leaders take an honest look at their existing engagement strategy, then define new pathways for a successful future.
Led by Kristin Baird, nurse, consultant, author and healthcare culture expert, this workshop will give participants the tools needed to increase engagement now.
Participants will:

Examine their existing engagement strategy and metrics

Clarify and crystalize a vision for an engaged workforce of the future

Review metrics for measuring and monitoring engagement

Discover common pitfalls employers make in employee engagement

Explore engagement best practices

Create a plan for engaging key stakeholders who can make or break your plans

Design strategies and tactics based on your organization’s identified Strengths and Weaknesses

Walk away with an action plan you can launch in your own organization

This workshop will have the greatest impact when experienced by teams of three or more members of the C-suite or vice presidents from:

Nursing and clinical operations

Patient Experience

Medical staff



Program Fee: There is no charge for Medline Prime Vendor customers. Enter promo code MedlinePrimeVendor. All other healthcare providers will be charged $899.00. Email Lisa Petrilli (LPetrilli@medline.com) if you're not sure if you're a Medline Prime Vendor customer.
About The Medline Institute for Healthcare Excellence
Training, coaching and consulting for healthcare clients committed to enhancing and aligning their operations to exceed the expectations and imagination of those who count on them for care. Exclusive, interactive programs are offered at Medline headquarters in Northfield for teams to stay at the forefront of supply chain excellence, explore their overall patient experience and family engagement strategies, elevate patient safety programs, develop new internal coaching competencies, and consider ways to build a more innovative and high performing culture. 
The Medline Institute for Healthcare Excellence is designed for practical, real-life applications that can be immediately implemented.

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