13. Oktober 2020 - 8:00
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Communication for Stand-Out Patient & Staff Experiences/Industry Reputation: A Medline Patient Experience Leadership Certification Program | Medline Industries, Inc. | Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2020

Communication for Stand-Out Patient and Staff Experiences and Industry Reputation: A Medline Patient Experience Leadership Certification Program
Stay at the Forefront of Patient Experience
Faculty Instructor: Joe Leggio

What sets healthcare providers apart when it comes to a real ability to drive cultural transformation for exceptional patient and staff experiences? Communication. But in the pressurized environment of today’s healthcare organizations, we experience communication at maximum quantity but minimum quality. It’s time for organizations to relearn the art of quality communication that starts with listening and ends with true understanding. 
In this interactive program, teams will master vital communication techniques including situational and social awareness, conflict resolution, and the strength in trusting your instincts and taking risks. With an experience learning based approach, don’t expect to stare at a PowerPoint in a dark conference room! We believe in learning by doing. You’ll be up on your feet trying hands-on exercises, assessing your own strengths and weaknesses and exploring a team-based approach to communication. All with an eye toward improving patient and staff experiences and becoming a revered industry provider.
You’ll also discover how Northwell Health, Lenox Hill Hospital went from 13th percentile to the 51st in RN communication (HCAHPS) within their Maternal Child Health Division and from the 4th percentile to the 97th in their quality of food service. You’ll receive a hands-on demonstration of the process and will take away tools to drive similar results in your organization.
This workshop is perfect for everyone from front line clinicians to executive leaders and is highly recommended for teams to attend together. You’ll leave with an advanced perspective on communication, a renewed appreciation of listening and the creative confidence to implement your new skills toward exceptional organizational success.

Who Should Attend

Executive Leadership

Clinical Leadership

Patient Experience Teams

Management and Line Staff

Service Excellence Teams

Clinical Teams

Program Fee: There is no charge for Medline Prime Vendor customers. Enter promo code MedlinePrimeVendor. All other healthcare providers will be charged $899.00. Email Lisa Petrilli (LPetrilli@medline.com) if you're not sure if you're a Medline Prime Vendor customer.
About The Medline Institute for Healthcare Excellence
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The Medline Institute for Healthcare Excellence is designed for practical, real-life applications that can be immediately implemented.

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