04. Februar 2019 - 9:00
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Commissioning of PV-Diesel Systems with SMA Hybrid Controller I 04 Feb - 05 Feb | Günther Cramer Solar Academy | Montag, 04. Februar 2019

Commissioning of PV-Diesel Systems with  SMA Hybrid Controller
In many sunny regions of the world, SMA PV inverters in combination with diesel generators and/or the utility grid have already become the most economical way to generate electrical energy, even without subsidies. The professional installation and commissioning of the SMA Hybrid Controller are essential to ensure the expected operation of the SMA Hybrid Controller and the smooth operation of the system.The commissioning of the SMA Hybrid Controller can be done by the plant designer him- or herself. Local commissioning significantly reduces the cost and the effort of the project.  This advanced training qualifies you to commission the SMA Hybrid Controller according to the SMA commissioning process. The main topics are the required installation and configuration of the SMA Hybrid do not forget to bring your laptop and its power adapter. The seminar consists of two days and includes lessons and workshops at the SMA Solar Academy and SMA Hybrid Test Center..
Target group:
Renewable energy professionals
The successful participation in the seminar “Designing of PV-Diesel Systems with the SMA Hybrid Controller”

SMA commissioning process
Settings of SMA Sunny Tripower inverters
Basic and advanced settings of the SMA Hybrid Controller
The Graphical User Interface of the SMA Hybrid Controller
Workshops with PV-Diesel systems and PV-Grid systems