13. September 2019 - 9:00
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International Samba Congress Europe 2019 | CIRCULO Tanzschule München | Freitag, 13. September 2019

The greatest Samba celebration is coming to Europe!
Attention, Brazil lovers! The most complete event about Brazilian culture in America is coming to Europe! In September 2019, from 13th to 15th, the city of Munich, Germany, is going to host the first edition of the International Samba Congress in the old continent.
This intense artistic experience happens annually in Los Angeles, USA, since 2017. Due to the success of the previous editions, the ISC will be also within reach to the European public in 2019. During three full days, people can dip in the Brazilian cultural atmosphere with exclusive classes about Brazilian folk dances and music, besides concerts, performances, competitions and parties.
Do you like dancing Samba? Do you want to play drums like you were in Rio's Carnival? And what about having fun on Samba Night parties like Brazilians do? Take it all joining the International Samba Congress Europe!
International Samba Congress Europe is not only about learning. We want to provide you a deep experience with Brazilian culture: to apreciate the art; to meet new people; to respect the diversity; to feel emotions; to live and enjoy every single moment. So, during ISCE programming, be ready to connect with people through movements, steps and feelings. Together, we build a strong community based on love, art and entertainment. That’s why our schedule goes beyond the classes and includes also:
+ Music Concerts & Parties
+ Competitions & Performances
+ Art Exhibition
+ Much more!


EARLY BIRD Special Promotion (ONLY 50 TICKETS AVAILABLE!) - Sales from 28 January to 28 February 2019 (or before if sold out!)
Full Pass Workshops: 190 €  (Group 10+ 170 € each)

1st ROUND - Sales from 01 March to 31 May 2019
Full Pass Workshops: 260 € (Group 10+ 240 € each)
Friday Pass Workshops: 120 €
Saturday Pass Workshops: 120 €
Sunday Pass Workshops: 80 €
2 Day Pass Workshops: 200 €

2nd ROUND - Sales from 01 June to 12 September 2019
Full Pass: 340 € (Group 10+ 300 € each)
Friday Pass Workshops: 140 €
Saturday Pass Workshops: 140 €
Sunday Pass Workshops: 100 €
2 Day Pass Workshops: 250 €

Music Concert, Performances, Competition & Party Tickets: TBC

All tickets are non-refundable.

More information soon on our official website: www.sambacongresseurope.com // europesamba@gmail.com
Get in touch with the news following us on Instagram and Facebook: @sambacongresseurope