02. Februar 2018 - 23:00
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Valkuil x Kifu Lifestyle w/ Kempi (NL) | Rumba & Co | Freitag, 02. Februar 2018

⚡ I N T R O⚡

In 2018 we want to bring you more quality nights! This edition we'll be collaborating with Kifulifestyle to bring you something different. Expect a night like every Valkuil so far but with a little extra.

So we invited the legendary dutch rapper Kempi! He's been active in the scene for over 10 years and shook up the game with projects like 'Du Zoon', 'Mixtape 3.1', 'Het Testament van Zanian Adamus' and even last year he scored some big hits with 'DU4'. He even collaborated with the American producer The Alchemist. If you're a fan of Dutch Hip Hop then you're aware of the impact this man had throughout his carrier and still has till this day. He was able to adapt in the contemporary musical climate but still stay true to himself. Du Gramma Boy is in the house and ready to tear it down!

⚡ L I N E U P ⚡

• Kempi (NL, Top Notch)
• Bryan Mg
• KIFU (Club EXO, Het Verjaardagsfeestje)
• PRINCE (Clevis, Ballin Events)
• HYGRA & Fengari (Clevis, HOOKED)
• Charlie Troismille (Valkuil Ent.)

⚡ I N F O ⚡

Doors : 23h00
Location : Rumba & Co, Kiekenstraat 6, 3000 Leuven
Wave 1 Tickets : €5 (SOON available at Twits)
Partners: Chase
Cloakroom available.

Artwork by Charlie Troismille

⚡ S O C I A L S ⚡

Valkuil Ent.

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