22. März 2019 - 9:30 bis 11:00
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Startup 2020 - Your Startup Workshop on Skype | Dynamic Applications - Startup Workshop | Freitag, 22. März 2019

Startup 2020 - your Workshop with Martin Bernhardt.
in this Workshop, we'll evaluate your personal perspectives for founding a successful 21st century Startup, problem or business idea. Standard meetings are 90 minutes.

In case you wish for another date or time, just contact me on Skype, request by Email, call by Phone, or mention @dynamicons in your Tweet. We are also working on Saturday, that's great. Only that is not possible every weekend, as i have to take care of my son as well. Just ask. If there isn't anything else, other week days are possible as well, no problem at all.  
Please connect on Skype () in due time before the workshop starts. Our Workshops are personal 1:1 meetings, and as privacy is subjective, we'll keep your information confidential as requested.
Our Workshops are free on Fridays for poor people who want to start up, and can not pay. So that everyone should be allowed to get a Workshop free of charge on Fridays. As we don't gather any data, we'll trust you on that one. These workshops are in the morning, so we have time for people visiting our small bureau.
Here's our concept for the free Workshops on Friday, as these are truly participative.

Let me know if you got questions.

Pay with a Tweet.
Thank you!

Martin Bernhardt.
+49 15 25 35 26 101mbe@dynamic-applications.com

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