19. September 2018 - 18:00 bis 20:00
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Dental Panoramic and CBCT Radiographs role in the Diagnosis of Atheromatous Calcification of the Carotid Artery | Hampton Inn & Suites Omaha Southwest-La Vista | Mittwoch, 19. September 2018

Provide background information of cardiovascular disease and its presentation in dental panoramic and CBCT radiographs. Normal and diseased anatomy in radiographs will be discussed with the role of the dentist.
1  Review of prevalence of atheromatous vessel changes in the carotid artery.
2  Anatomy of  bifurcation of external carotid artery and the cavernous sinus region of the internal carotid artery.
3  Radiographic anatomy of bifurcation of external carotid artery and cavernous sinus region of the internal carotid artery and recognition of  calcified vessel walls.
About a speaker: 
Douglas Benn, DDS, PhD, trained as a dentist at the London Hospital Medical College and worked for 10 years as a general dentist specializing in minor oral surgery and treatment of the severely handicapped. During this time, he completed a master’s degree in computer science. He then spent six years in the Department of General Dentistry and Public Health, University College London and was awarded a Ph.D. for investigating new methods for diagnosing caries and periodontal diseases. Following this, Dr. Benn trained as an oral and maxillofacial radiologist at Guy’s Hospital London and the Royal College of Radiologists (Diploma in Dental Radiology, Royal College of Radiologists, England).
In 1992, he was appointed a professor at the University of Florida. From 2000-2002 he was Editor-in-Chief of the peer reviewed journal Dentomaxillofacial Radiology. During 1996-2002, he led a team developing an automated caries risk assessment and treatment planning system based upon an electronic patient record.
In 2009 Dr Benn was appointed professor of oral and maxillofacial radiology at Creighton University School of Dentistry, Omaha, Nebraska, USA.
Between 2011-16 he developed a method for distinguishing non-cavitated from cavitated caries in bitewing radiographs. He has published over 50 peer reviewed research papers. He is the inventor on several patents.