16. Juli 2018 - 9:00
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Session 5.Intensive - All artists involved in week 1 | TanzFaktur | Montag, 16. Juli 2018

Intensive Group 
16 – 21 July 2018 
1 week pass

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INCLUDING:              Warm Up 9 am, 18 Workshops (3 per day) & 6 Somatic Classes (each evening 1) +
                                    the exclusive opportunity to be part of Edan Gorlickis DRAFT WORKS on stage +
                                    1 Main Stage & 1 Studio Performance
TOPPED OF WITH:   Performances, Discussions, Get-Toghethers & Artist Talks, Food & Drinks

The 4th edition of the Sommer Akademy will offer students, professional dancers, young makers and dance enthusiasts the opportunity to work with international teachers and artists creating and delivering work across Europe and beyond today. 
Workshops will focus on contemporary dance technique, movement and analytical research, choreographic structures and performance skills. Workshops will be offered between 16 – 28 July (Monday – Saturday) from 10:00 – 18:00 each day. Participants will experience working with 2 different artists where they will be working intensively for the period of 3 days. The schedule offers participants chance to work with 10 different international artists during the two weeks festival. 
Candidates can choose between two groups classified as “soft” and “intensive” which reflects the dance experience of participants and the rhythm in which information will be shared and delivered during workshops. 
The festival offers a range of passes to suit the needs of our participants. You can either buy a 3 day, 1 week or 2 weeks pass. Tickets allow participants to work with all artists involved in the programme based on the period of engagement. Each pass will also provide participants the opportunity to engage in other activities offered during the festival such as attending performances, discussions and informal sharing. 

Each festival package will be described separately on the event’s ticket page. See below more details referent to this event. 

Group Definition - “Intensive”
Suitable for participants with 3-5 years’ experience in contemporary dance technique or more and for those aiming to work on approach through an in-depth faster pace. 

Other Details 
Candidates are invited to participate on all 3 days, working every day for 4 hours with each of the artists involved in the programme. 

Candidates opting for the intensive group will be offered the opportunity to engage in a creative process working with an established choreographer.
Draft works is a pilot project that aims to offer participants the opportunity to work with an artist on a small scale residency. Edan Gorlicki was invited to lead this session. The choreographer will use narrative text to inform and guide his creative process.
Participants will therefore experience working with a choreographer in real time, investigate movement and narrative through in-depth research and be guided towards an informal sharing of extracts from the creative process work.
Participants taking part in this workshop are requested to be available for all sessions between Thursday 19 July to Saturday 21 July as well as rehearsals on Monday 23 July afternoon and the performance on Tuesday 24 July evening. For those participants taking part in other activities in the festival, rest assured that all recalls are fully considered in the overall schedule and weekly workshops. The only artist in scheduled NOT working with intensive group is Hä*Wie!?/taet vremya (DE/RU)

More details about the schedule can be found on our website live on 16 May 2018 from 10:00 am.  

*Nir de Volff (DE/IL)
Born and raised in Israel, started dancing at the professional school Bat Dor in Tel Aviv which relate with the Royal Ballet Academy of London. De Volff danced in several companies in Tel Aviv, and created at the Suzanne Dellal Center his first piece at the age of 23. He also performed as a guest in Pina Bausch's "Viktor" during her Israeli tour. An artist now based in Berlin he creates work and tour both nationally and internationally. 
Nir teaches classes and conduct workshops for dancers, performers and actors worldwide. De Volff has been invited to Holland, Portugal, Thailand, Israel, Belgium, Italy, USA, Denmark, Singapore, Russia, Austria, Czech Republic, Japan, Polland and Germany.
In the last few years De Volff's developed the USE-ABUSE method. A method, that explore our somatic structure and its harmonic-disharmony relation to our breathing system.
The method aims to research harmonized coordination between the body and the emotional system of dancers, actors and performers. Use-Abuse“ leads the body and the mind to search for (an honest) connection between the three elements:nervous system, breathing respiratory system and mind. 

*Bruno Catalano (CH/IT)
Graduated from the Dance Academy- EDDC in Arnhem (The Netherlands) in 2003. As a dancer he worked for Marcus Grolle, Katja Wolf, Morgan Nardi, Ornella D`Agostino, Tino Sehgal, Tiziana Arnaboldi among others.
In 2007 he founded PiccoliProduction company with Simone Blaser and as co-directors they’ve created an array of dance performances often as co-production with
Tanzhaus Zürich, Rote Fabrik and Gessnerallee. ().
His teaching experience expand many years working nationally and internationally across several academies and dance institutions. Most recently working with young people at Steiner Schools in Switzerland, closely cooperating with Christian Seiler, director of
AGtheater - Zürich.

*Claire Croize (BE)
In her choreographies Claire Croizé investigates the body and its relation to music, silence and the resulting emotions. Her workshops she will explore the use of techniques from her recent creation EVOL, which aims at introspection and personal movement material. Two by two, we will improvise in silence and with our eyes closed to block out external influences and focus purely on our feelings and sensations. Bit by bit we will open ourselves to others and the space, without losing our inner focus, moving towards a search for the musicality of our own movement. The personal language we develop will then be confronted with classical music and pop, resulting in a shared dialogue between yourself, the dancers and the music. 

* Edan Gorlicki (DE/IL)
Born in Haifa, Israel, Edan Gorlicki is a choreographer, teacher, mentor and movement research artist based in Heidelberg, Germany. As a dancer he has worked with the prestigious dance companies Batsheva Ensemble Dance Company, Inbal Pinto Dance Company, NND/Galilidance and Club Guy & Roni. Edan has performed the works of many choreographers including: Ohad Naharin, Inbal Pinto, Sharon Eyal, Itzik Galili, Paul Selwyn Norton, Emmanuel Gat, Guy Weizman & Roni Haver and many more.
One of his sessions will be LAMA which has the based interest and research into understanding the relationship between movement and presence. The source of this study came from working with non-professional dancers in order to discover movement from a more natural approach and implement it into the “dancer’s” mind. LAMA focuses mainly on presence, body awareness, and studying personal qualities, and at the same time building stamina, form and control.
A LAMA session is structured as guided improvisation and includes technical exercises implemented into momentary tasks. LAMA brings into consciousness our connection as humans to our physicality, imagination, senses, observation skills and fun. LAMA is very much inspired by the methods and techniques that come from Edan's professional experience including GAGA, Ballet, Cunningham, Fascia Therapy but mainly common sense.

Dates: 16 -21 July 2018
Duration: 1 Week Pass
Time: 09:00 – 18:00
Venue: TanzFaktur
Level: Intensive
Style: Contemporary Dance