11. September 2019 - 21:00
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OMClub 2019: Prohibition Ends Here | Die Halle Tor 2 | Mittwoch, 11. September 2019

The UNofficial dmexco party
When the OMClub 2008 was launched, we just wanted to offer an alternative to the official trade show party. But quickly, the OMClub became an insider tip at dmexco. From year to year, we not only became more and more colorful and crazy but above all always better and we have to admit that we are no longer an insider tip. Meanwhile, up to 4000 guests celebrate with us every year and the OMClub has established itself as THE unofficial party for dmexco!
What distinguishes us from the many other parties, are not only our high-quality drinks, fancy action tools and attention to detail, but above all our fabulous sponsors. Our Sponsors make it possible for us to throw a party every year, which blows our guests minds! >> All Sponsors of OMClub 2018
After celebrating an anniversary last year, we're celebrating an uneven number this year! 12 years OMClub and obviously escalation is already pre-programmed.

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