29. Oktober 2020 - 9:30
MOviNg ATelieR - Laura Virgillito, Koeln
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Gyrotonic Exploration into the Extremes with Abel Horvath | Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2020

-on this course we can have an addicional day, so till Nov.2 , 2020

if most of the participants wishes it -

The course material represents the approach towards a most effective use of the GYROTONIC® method. Roughly that incorporates:

- a different progression of exercises compared to level 1

- additional / new exercises

- new details to some known exercises

- overall reinforcement of the GYROTONIC® principles in a most effective and accessible way

- overall build up and timing for a workout, transitioning from relaxation / release to mobilization / restructuring to the more fitness oriented exercises

The material can be selected accordingly to be suitable for the first class with a beginner, as well as to create a fulfilling workout for a well trained person.

Besides learning more about the GYROTONIC® method, the course has also the aspect of a thorough and intensive physical experience for each participant. Each persons limits will be challenged, but also respected.