02. Februar 2018 - 14:00 bis 21:00
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Wie wichtig ist Funktion und Okklusion? | Bentley Hannover | Freitag, 02. Februar 2018

Is function and occlusion important?

An interdisciplinary diagnosis and therapeutic concept.

The occlusion is in an immediate and diverse relationship to the musculoskelettal system.
Therefore a malocclusion is often a trigger for chronic pain, especially in the vertebra.

The aim of the lecture is more a holistic view to realize the connections between occlusion and the organism.
On this basis necessities and possibilities of an interdisciplinary diagnosis and therapy in dentistry, osteopathy, manual medicine and othopedics will be demonstrated. This is where the restauration of the function is at the forefront.

In the lecture we will demonstrate the concept of the occlusal splint, orthodontics and orthopedics as well as prosthodontics.

- Occlusion and the relationship to the craniomandibular ans musculoskeletal system
- Dental diagnosis of function in consideration of the musculoskeletal system
- Interdisciplinary diagnosis and communication with orthopedics and manual medicine
- Complementary treatment of muscles and TMJ
- Bite registration under the control of the musculoskeletal system
- Principles and treatment strategies of a functional orientated rehabilitaion of occlusion
- Tips for avoiding of frequent mistakes in dentistry