30. Juni 2017 - 17:00 bis 22:00
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Bitcoin Meetup Malta | The Funky Monkey | Freitag, 30. Juni 2017

Bitcoin Club Gozo welcomes you to a special Meetup on Malta.

At this event we will have a talk by Christoph Heuermann, perpetual traveller and tax consultant. Heuermann already travelled to over 80 countries and his plan is to have seen every country until age 30.

He will tell interesting stories of his life, how he started his freedom-career to becoming expert in off-shore banking and establishing companies in Estonia.

Our second speaker will be Jonathan Galea:
-- What will be the next Bitcoin? --

With plenty of people believing that the Bitcoin train has long since left, most are eager to get into the "next big thing". We will be seeing other top players in the crypto-game and see which, if any, have the best chance of claiming Bitcoin's crown."

Besides talks, there will be plenty of time to get in touch with other Bitcoin experts, enthusiasts, pioneers and people interested in a positive future.

We will have a super cool special announcement at this event and we are absolutely sure you will love it :)

Get free Bitcoin. We will play some games with a chance to win bitcoin :)


5.00pm: Meet & Greet
5.30pm: Welcome to Bitcoin Meetup Malta
6.00pm: What will be the next Bitcoin - Jonathan Galea
6:30pm: Christoph Heuermann
7:00pm: Special Announcement
8:00pm: Social and until open end

Join us if you always wanted to know more about Bitcoin or if you want to talk about latest trends in Blockhain.

The meetup will be held at The Funky Monkey, a great relaxed place on Manoel Island in Gzira.
Googlemaps link :

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