28. November 2020 - 11:00
Selbstverteidigung - Urban Combat, Frankfurt am Main
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Train the Trainer: Instructor Enhancement Seminar with Lee Morrison | Samstag, 28. November 2020

What is the different between a mediocre Instructor/teacher and a great Instructor? What is taught within any curric­ulum is as important as how an instructor should strive to install such infor­mation into others. 

While a student simply needs to learn how to do it, the Instructor needs to know all the 'why's and how's' or the nuances of what make a skill-set functional along with how it should be broken down, built back up and installed and how it applies in real-world. This is VERY DIFFERENT! 

This seminar focusses on enhancing instructor skills and applying teaching methods. 

Content: We incorporate ele­ments of NLP and Neural Based Learning for accelerated installation of skill-sets. We also look at enhancing communication skills and Understand­ing learning curves so as an Instructor you can get the very best from teach­ing time. Class design, teaching formats, environmental training and simulation/scenario design - covering everything from script, role-players, safety, environment, adrenal stress factors, training kit, body armor, under­standing how to feed scenario training, fluid shock and other safety factors, dealing with class questions, excessive force in training and much much more.... 

Trainer: Lee Morrison is one of the worldwide leading self-protection specialists and reknown for his exceptional teaching skills. Accelerated learning models are an integral part of his approach “Urban Combatives”.



-        The seminar is required continued education for UC Instructors and UC study group leads. It is a mandatory building block for the anticipated UC coach development program. 

-        The seminar is targeted towards Instructors / Coaches / Trainers of personal security and self-protection. Is open for all qualified practitioners also outside of UC.

The seminar will only be conducted only once per year, seats are strictly limited. So you better make use of this opportunity and sign up fast.



-        UC Instructors & Study group leads: 150e

-        UC members 160e

-        Regular 180e


Early bird registration until 30.4.2020: 20e discount 


Registration via mail to email or via ticket-link.