14. September 2019 - 19:00 bis 21:00
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Frankfurt International Language Meetup | The Fox and Hound | Samstag, 14. September 2019

180 different nationalities reside in Frankfurt. LCA aims to use that multicultural aspect of Frankfurt to learn and share.
You may have seen several language meetups here, but we provide you an opportunity to mingle with multiple languages in one place. At a regular LCA gathering, we have native speakers of English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi and ofcourse German. All nationalities, languages and levels are welcome!"Join us for a wonderful evening to meet language enthusiasts, discover new cultures and practice your language skills.
You'll get to meet people from all over the world and improve your language skills at the same time! The objective is to practice your language skills in real life with native speakers and have fun while doing it. LCA encourages language lovers to host and participate in language exchange meetups. You can help people learn your native language and other members help you learn their native language.
If it's your first time attending our event, our host will direct you to native speakers of the language you are interested in. The host will also introduce to people who want to learn your language. We usually have groups of people practising French, Spanish, Korean, etc. and will show you where they are. If you are comfortable finding native speakers of your favourite language yourself, that's fine too! Please remember to sign up with us first, and get your language badge.
Please note that the participation fee for our event is 10 € onsite.
We also offer a co-host program which involves free participation to our event and a lot more other goodies. As a co-host, you will be responsible for a language table at our event. You are free to organize activities, conversation prompts or to run it as a stammtisch. Fill out the hosting form at www.LanguageCafeAcademy.com or shoot an email at events@languagecafeacademy.com with your city and language of interest
Please remember:
1. Be open-minded!
We are a very diverse group. You'll meet people from all over the world. Enjoy the chance to have the international experience!
2. Ask the host!
If you have any questions, concerns, problems or ideas, please talk to the host about it!
3. Photos
We usually take photos. By participating in the group, you agree that you may be photographed and the photos may be published on FB, Instagram and meetup. If you don't want to take photos, no problem. Just let us know. We will remove them.
If you have any comments, questions, problems, concerns or ideas, just talk to the organizer about it. We will do our best to make sure you have a positive experience! Everyone is welcome!
To find out more about us, visit us at www.LanguageCafeAcademy.com