29. August 2019 - 17:30 bis 21:00
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Chaos Engineering Roadshow - Frankfurt | DB Systel GmbH | Donnerstag, 29. August 2019

Chaos Engineering Days"Testing is the key to automation - Becoming more resilient in dynamic environments"Modern cloud-based systems are inherently more complex and dynamic. Together with the business need to significantly reduce time to market and dark debt, our traditional static testing practices are a disaster waiting to happen.
There is a solution! Join us, as we dive into the interesting field of Chaos Engineering and learn essentials on how to improve the resilience of your services and surface evidence of dark debt to avoid disasters.

---------- A G E N D A ---------- 
17:30 Doors Open18:00 Init() 18:15 Impulse( "shift left in testing" )  -           >Andreas Richter18:30 Withstanding turbulent conditions in production           >John Fletcher19:15 How to be successful at Being Wrong: V2           >Russ Miles
20:30 Impressions from Chaos Engineering at DB Systel           >Jonas vor-dem-Berge20:45 Chaos Discussion21:00 Networking22:30 exit()
----------  P A R T N E R S ---------- 
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