08. Oktober 2019 - 9:00
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Becoming a Star Manager | TechQuartier | Dienstag, 08. Oktober 2019

Star Manager aims to provide the right managerial skills and mindset to enable success in a management role.
Moving from an individual contributor to a manager requires a transformational shift. Deeply embedded in humanistic perspective, Becoming a Star Manager is an interactive and experiential training, imbibing (new) managers with skills and mindset to become a holistic manager by growing in the role of being a:

Strategic Partner (Problem-Solving, Slide-Writing & Story Boarding, Work Planning, Time Management)
People Connector (Team Management, Stakeholder Management)
Self-Aware (Resonance with Inner Values)

This 4-day training is divided into 2 two-days modules. Though it is highly recommended to attend the four days, participants can attend different modules based on their time convenience.

Module 1: Strategic Partner – 2 days
Strategic Partnership is both about tools and mindset. Decode the art behind problem-solving by learning tools and techniques like top-down structuring and logic trees. Write a convincing story using powerpoint, and get heard. Develop a work plan by constructing multiple perspectives, and become a thought partner by providing logical solutions.

Module 2: Self Aware People Connector – 2 days
Business is never a solo activity, and managing teams and stakeholders is an integral part of success. Connect with your own inner values to know your decision-making process. Understand different team and stakeholder management styles, the art of difficult conversations, and giving & receiving feedback.
The training can have maximum of 18 participants, to ensure deep learning container. Check out our early bird discount rate, while they are available.

Trainer Deepak Bansal
This course is a result of the personal quest of Deepak, who stands at the intersection of Technology (MTech – India), Business (MBA, HSG Switzerland), and Humanity (MA, Philosophy California).
With 15+ years in business world, focus in strategy consulting & business transformation (Director, COO level), and certification in life coaching (CPCC, ACC), his trainings combines logic, relations, and values, for a holistic becoming.

“What really impressed me was how the day gave us much deeper insights than other approaches I’ve experienced (e.g. the Myers Briggs type indicator) – while the process to get there felt much simpler, more natural and a lot more fun. Credit to Deepak for so effortlessly creating an environment where we all felt comfortable to put work, organization, status, content, and structure to one side and share our humanity with each other. I left the day feeling energized and inspired. Highly Recommended” – Steven S., Zurich Insurance Company
“I greatly enjoyed the workshop on values with Deepak! He delivered it with much authenticity, passion and calm, creating a safe space for attendees to speak openly about their experiences.” – Ellen M., Entrepreneur
“Deepak’s training is very refreshing and to the point. He is able to notice when to let the group speak and when to move on which is a big plus for me. It is amazing how his seemingly easy exercises create such clarity about your values and beliefs. His experience in both the business side and the ‘soft’ side really make a difference.” – Afke S., Senior Data Scientist
“I attended an MQ learning workshop where Deepak guided us through a value and purpose discovery journey. I would unreservedly recommend his sincere and inspiring approach. The way Deepak designs and facilitates his workshops is shaped by the creativity that was deeply rooted in his rich and versatile life experience. The depth of conversations, the connections made in such an environment is truly what we need in the business world, deeper self-awareness would support empathy and collaboration in the workplace. I’m sure he’ll be able to bring such creativity and wisdom to more people.”- Chunfeng D., ABB Learning Manager

Company Policy
Limited seats: To maintain the interactive and experiential component of the training, we have limited the seats to 18 (exceptions includes: short workshops, company-specific training, additional overseers, etc). We reserve the right to change the location within the city.
Changes & Cancellations: We reserve the right to cancel the event in case of fewer than 8 participants. In such cases, we will provide the option of 100% refund or seat in the next similar program. In case of changes and cancellations from the participant’s side, we are open to transfer to the other programs if seats are available. Otherwise, cancellations are free up to 30 days and involve 50% charge thereby after (within 30 days).
Principle: Our training program is based on equanimity and open to people from all backgrounds, genders, sexual orientation, race, etc. However, we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone on the grounds of misbehavior and disrespect.