03. Februar 2018 - 19:00
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Audiophob festival - 14 years of audiophob | Djäzz Jazzkeller Duisburg | Samstag, 03. Februar 2018

Line Up:
Darkrad (RUS)
Carsten Vollmer (D)
Spherical Disrupted (D)
Torn From Beyond (D)

DJ Philipp Münch

Djäzz Jazzkeller Duisburg
Börsenstr. 11
47051 Duisburg

Doors: 19:00
First live band: 19:45 (!)
Admission at the door: 13€ (no pre-sale)

Ticket reservation:
Due to a limited amount of tickets you can reserve your ticket via E-Mail (No facebook messages or comments please!). Please write to reservations@audiophob.de with the following important informations:
- your full name
- number of tickets (maximum five tickets)

Please arrive at the venue until 19:30, otherwise your reservation has to be cancelled. Ticket Reservation is possible until February, 2nd, 20:00.

Time table:
19:00 Doors open / DJ Philipp Münch
19:45 Torn From Beyond
20:45 Spherical Disrupted
21:45 Carsten Vollmer
22:15 Darkrad
23:15 Sonic Area
00:15 DJ Philipp Münch


Cofounder of the audiotrauma collective. Since 1997, Sonic Area (aka Arco Trauma) is a french electronic monocephale project, influenced by Dither, Scorn, 2nd Gen, Hint, Enio Moricone and all suicide lullabies wich mixes electro hybrid experimental, cinematic orchestral atmospheres, dirty abstract hip-hop, tribal industrial techno-punk, brutal wall of sounds, hard-glitch breaks and lush ambient soundscapes. Disturbing, unexpectable and sometimes hard to describe, it's darkly intoxicated. Imagine yourself sleeping in a lost factory built over sacred Indian burial grounds.

He collaborated with bands such as : Hint, Punish Yourself, Cheerleader69, Twinkle, Neon Cage Experiment, Zno, Ambassador 21, Mind Necrosis Factor, Muckrackers, Ten Data Keshin, Amesha Spenta, Le Diktat, Thermidor...



Darkrad is a dark-industrial project by Jana Komaritsa, a Russian-born multidisciplinary artist, currently based in the USA. She had been involved in the underground scene for many years now. She took part in various events in Russia and abroad, from major festivals to experimental shows.

The artist realizes her deepest feelings, emotions and inner thoughts, creating gloomy surreal worlds in various mediums, from fine arts and video to music and performance. Suppressed fears and sharp pain, inner psychosis, metaphysics and supernatural – these are the main topics of the artist.

The debut album of Darkrad “Abnormal love” was out at Cold Meat Industry. The next album “Little black world” was released as a limited edition audio cassette box on artist’s own label Mrakmur and then released as a CD on German label audiophob. Darkrad is preparing a special performance for audiophob Festival 2018 and the presentation of the new album.

The live performance of Darkrad is an ocean of feelings from the somber corners of the subconsciousness, which doesn’t suppress and turn off the emotions, but sharpen them to a sometimes frightening peak. She is looking for new ways to communicate the intimidating dreadful message, the signals of that Unknown hiding in all of us.



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Spherical Disrupted is the current main musical project of Mirko Hentrich. He produces electronic and experimental music since 1988 under various names and with various bands (e.g. Experimentum Crucis, Sick En For, Capsular).

Spherical Disrupted made several releases since 1995 and on Audiophob since 2004. Spherical Disrupted made several sampler tracks, did some remixes (e.g. for P·A·L, Xabec, KiEw, Rotersand, Still Patient? and Zero Degree). Spherical Disrupted played more than 70 shows live all over Germany and Europe, incl. some bigger festivals like Maschinenfest, Elektroanschlag, Schlagstrom festival, Summer Darkness and Wroclaw Industrial Festival, partially in collaboration with Kaos Interim and hidden technology. The sound of Spherical Disrupted could be described as a mixture between dark ambient and IDM including electronics, metal percussion and field recordings.

Mirko Hentrich is also co-founder and owner of the ambient industrial label Audiophob and is working under the name of Paradroid as a DJ for EBM and ambient music in several clubs and many festivals.



The musical output of Bert Lehmann has been at an astonishing high level of quality since he first presented his tracks to us at audiophob under his moniker “Mortaja”. Since then he developed his style in quite diverse directions while maintaining the high quality and quantity of his work.

This diversity was the main reason to split up his activities and present the more quieter side of his creativity under a new name: “Torn From beyond” will from now on be the home for his dark, atmospheric sounds in the vein of New Risen, Throne or Raison d’Être. The album “If The View Freezes” demonstrates this side of Berts work in an excellent manner, the term “side project” doesn’t seem to do justice at all.