25. Oktober 2018 - 8:30 bis 16:00
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Dallas DB2 Users Group - Fall! | | Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2018

You’re invited to join us for a light continental breakfast and lunch as we learn about DB2-zOS and DB2-LUW features and tools.
08:30 - 09:00                Breakfast & Social 09:00 - 10:15 Dave Williamson,        Data Virtualization and Project Queryplex 10:15 - 10:30                BREAK 10:30 - 11:45 LUW Guest Speaker, , , 11:45 - 12:45               LUNCH 12:45 - 14:00 Adrian Burke – Best of zOS 14:00 - 14:30                "What topics would you like next time"  Adjourn
Session title: Data Virtualization and Project Queryplex
Session abstract: Regardless of the industry, data has become a fundamental driver in today’s business decisions.  Businesses pivot and remain competitive based on the analytics performed on that data.  Increasingly that data comes from more and more sources, its volume is increasing at an exponential rate, and need for insight is increasingly real-time.  Data is dispersed in silos across the enterprise, derived from external sources, and increasingly coming from remote locations or devices that are internet connected.  And as the number of data sources increase, that data becomes increasingly heterogeneous in nature.  To date the physics have required complex data architectures where data is copied, moved and replicated to satisfy the analytics needs of business users.  This has resulted in increased cost and complexity, loss of data integrity and accuracy, and governance headaches.  Data Virtualization is a means of avoiding needless copying and moving of data to perform analytics.  Instead analytics are performed real-time on the data where it resides, and both physical structure and location are made irrelevant to users through virtual views.  IBM's Project Queryplex has been in-progress now for a couple of years, and it is a game changing breakthrough in Data Virtualization.  The technology has been in a beta trial period since early 2018, and the first GA of the technology will form the Data Virtualization capability within the IBM Cloud Private for Data platform in November.  Subsequently this technology will replace existing Federation technology across IBM's Hybrid Data Management product line.  This session will overview the Data Virtualization problem domain, Project Queryplex, the release roadmap, a live demo, followed by Q&A.
Speaker biography: Dave Williamson leads Business Development for Emerging Analytics Technology (including Data Virtualization).  Dave joined IBM in 2011 and has over 35 years of experience in the Software Industry.  He has held a number of Sales leadership roles in IBM Canada and at the IBM North America level, and has been in the Analytics organization since 2014.  He holds a degree in Computer Science and Statistics, and started his career in software development of mission critical systems for air-traffic control, aerospace and telecommunications.  Prior to IBM he was the senior Sales and Services executive for several Software startups (leading to both acquisitions and IPOs).
Session title:  IBM's Hybrid Data Management Strategy  Abstract:  There is a significant amount of new news in 2018 across our hybrid data management portfolio.  This includes a look at our 2018 roadmap as well.  We will cover new news and a peak at the roadmap for the Common SQL Engine, Db2, IIAS, the new Db2 Event Store, our plans in the Big Data space including a look at our partnership with Hortonworks, Db2 Big SQL and Spark.  We will also provide an update on our cloud offerings including how analytics is being leveraged in IBM's new IBM Cloud Private (ICP) offering.  We will also talk about our new simplified packaging across this portfolio.                                     
Speaker biography:  Les King is a part-time professor at Seneca College in Toronto, offering courses in the Big Data, Data Warehousing and Db2 areas, drawing on his current experience with IBM and his previous experience teaching mathematics at the University of Toronto.  Les effectively draws a connection between what the marketplace demands and what the next wave of talented students need to know to be market ready, and internationally competitive in an increasingly high demand field. This is a perfect intersection of his international, technological, and market awareness to perpetuate the success of the next generation.
Session title:  Defending Db2 In the Mobile Age
DB2 for z/OS Distributed Access – Defending Db2 In the Mobile Age Come and learn the best practices and updates to Distributed Access on Db2 for z/OS. As distributed environments become more complicated and important your organization needs a methodology for adjusting timeouts and other thresholds for high availability.  We will go over the recommended driver and server configurations for workload balancing, high availability, and client reroute in a Data Sharing or non-Data Sharing environment.  You will be exposed to recent customer incidents that could have been avoided with the correct proactive driver/server settings.  We will also discuss how to positively identifying these distributed threads for problem determination.
Speaker biography: Adrian Burke is an Open Group Master Certified IT Specialist on the DB2 SWAT team based out of the Silicon Valley Lab, lead by John Campbell. In this role as a technical advocate for DB2 for z/OS Adrian conducts consulting and educational workshops, DB2 health checks, and availability studies for DB2 for z/OS customers. Previously, as a DB2 Advisor, Adrian supported hundreds of DB2 for z/OS customers from a technical sales perspective delivering consultative and educational workshops. Adrian has spoken at numerous DB2 Regional User Groups both in the U.S. and abroad as well as presented at IDUG, SHARE, and IOD. He is also a published Redbook author on material dealing with DB2 performance.