03. Februar 2018 - 14:00 bis 19:00
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Zouk Intensive Beginner's Workshop For Dancers part one | Fitness First Platinum Club Köln - Neumarkt | Samstag, 03. Februar 2018

After the success of the first edition of our event we present now the second edition for all of you that couldn't make the first time!
Don't miss your second chance, we achieved our goal at our last event all the participants of the first edition ended the workshop knowing how to dance the basics of Zouk!

On Sunday we are offering the continuity of the zouk intensive Beginner's workshop, so you have the chance to have two consecutive intensive workshops that will build you to have a great base for being a good Zouk dancer. for more informations to part two click here

But you just can go to the part 2 if you did the part 1!

here is the description and concept of our event:

Do you always wanted to learn zouk but never had the time / chance / patience to do a whole beginner's class? or do you wanna make sure your zouk foundation is good? now it's your chance to learn the 10 zouk foundations movements.

The workshop Idea is based on my experience at the last Dutch Zouk Congress were i invested 300 euros in two private classes with two of the most important couples in the the zouk scene - Kadu & Larissa and Leo & Becky -
where instead of learning new crazy cool figures, we went through all the basic, where we talked about and practiced all the foundation movements.

In every dance or actually in every sport (maybe even in life ;D ) the most advanced movements are always a variation from a basic element. So making sure that your base is good is the best skill to be a great advanced dancer.

So if you wanna learn zouk or want to make sure that your foundation is good. I will be glad to have you on this 5-6h workshop.

The workshop is for fast learners! So if you have experience with another kind of dance or if you are simply just a fast learner this workshop is for you.

I can't control if you are a fast learner or not, so I hope you use your good sense before registering for this class, We have planned topics for each hour and we will get through them.

So, what I expect from you is;
No problem by weight transferring on time
Some experience with dancing
Traviling spins awareness (" turn in a line" - you don't have to be great on it, but you at least know what it is and have done it before)
Energy and good mood
Open mind
No problem by body contact

The workshop will just happen if we a minimum of 10 participants (5 leaders 5 followers).

The date if we get enough participants will be on 3.02.2018

The investment is 50 Euro.

early bird price until 19.01.-> 50 Euros!
19.01 - 02.01. - 55 Euros
at the door 60 Euros
Part one + part two: 80 euros

The location will be at Fitness First Neumarkt ( DuMont Carré)
Breite Straße 80 - 90

We will start at 2 pm and it goes until 7 - 8 pm

The registration is open and deadline is until 26th January. In case the workshop doesn't have enough participants you will obviously receive your money back.

To confirm your registration send a email to tiagomoraes99@gmail.com

Bank account :
Tiago Moraes Pamplona Martins
IBAN: DE15 3708 0040 0428 9006 00