14. Oktober 2020 - 9:00 bis 17:00
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Content & Story | Workshop | STARTPLATZ | Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2020

Content & Story | Workshop

 Goals for this Workshop

Getting clear on your messages
Becoming a thought leader
Finding the right content formats 
Identifying your focus platforms
Making the most out of each content piece
Planning your ideal post schedule 

If you want to practice how storytelling can level up your product and content marketing, you are in the right spot. This workshop will be a very hands-on, full-day workshop, where we work on YOUR content marketing. You will take away:

A story framework for your project
A list of content ideas for your case
A clear plan what to post, where and when

If you are a beginner in marketing, this is a great starting point, but even if you are already quite advanced in content marketing, you can use this workshop to take a fresh look at which formats (text, pictures, videos, ...) and channels make the most sense for your specific situation.

A story framework for your project
You might have heard me talk about some of my favorite story frameworks like Daniel Miller’s Storybranding and Simon Sinek’s Start with Why. I’ll explain which one is a good fit for you and we’ll apply it to your case. This results in a detailed overview of your customers (the heroes) journey and how you (the guide) are going to help him transform from good to exceptional.
A list of content ideas for your case
Once you see the path your customer is on and which obstacles are in his or her way, you will see more content ideas than you know what to do with. Your challenge will not be to find enough but to pick the most promising ideas that will engage your audience in the right way. Still, I want you to have a long list of ideas of content ideas for the future.
A clear plan what to post, where and when
We’ll figure out together what the best content formats for your business are, depending on which channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Blog, ...) your audience prefers. The content ideas will be obvious after we have done the story framework. The result will be a weekly plan in which you see which content to post where and when.

If this sounds interesting to you, grab one of the tickets to join the workshop or save yourself the bundle ticket for all six workshop topics and join us at STARTPLATZ, Im Mediapark 5, 50670 Cologne. Also, if you have any questions about this workshop, send me a message to ben@pirateskills.com or give a call at +49-1522-6389102.

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