03. November 2017 - 19:15
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One Day Trip to Rhine Falls, Lucerne & Zurich | Freitag, 03. November 2017

Listing all the reasons to visit Switzerland would take 100s of pages, but let's try and give you an idea. Picture the amazing natural beauty of the majestic Alps, turquoises lakes, cosmopolitan cities and towering castles. Add to it some shopping, wine tasting, delicious chocolates and cheeses and you start to get the idea! But to get the true flavor of this beautiful country, join us us on our one day trip to Rhine Waterfalls, Lucerne and Zurich :)

Sports enthusiasts, bon vivants and explorers? You can find plenty of fun things to do in Zurich. Hike Zurich's mountain (Uetliberg), or bathe, sail, relax, and enjoy a picnic on the shore of lake Zurich. And with the ZURICHcard we offer, it's easier than ever to join a boat tour around Zurich lake with a discount price and get to Uetliberg free of charge, as well as travel throughout the entire city!

-A view of one of the world's best loved waterfalls at the Rhine Falls
-The beautiful cities of Lucerne and Zurich
-Postcards, maps and handy tips from pm2am when visiting Lucerne and Zurich
-Comfortable coach with AC, WC, Premium Seats, DVD etc
-Friendly pm2am Team member, full of tips and good humour, as well as always willing to help you taking the best pictures :-)

These are the cities of departure, prices and approx. departure times.
(Please consider that the times have to be confirmed, this is just for you to have an idea! The exact times will be sent 3 days before the departure via e-mail). EARLY BIRD PRICES:

-03.11.17 | 19:30 | Amsterdam - Sloterdijk Station (69.99EUR)
-03.11.17 | 20:45 | Brussels - Zaventem Airport (69.99 EUR)
-04.11.17 | 00:30 | Cologne - Hbf (59.99 EUR)
-04.11.17 | 00:10 | Dortmund - ZOB (59.99 EUR)
-04.11.17 | 03:15 | Frankfurt - Hbf (55 EUR)
-03.11.17 | 21:30 | Leuven - Central Station (69.99 EUR)
-03.11.17 | 23:00 | Maastricht - Stadionplein (69.99 EUR)
-04.11.17 | 03:00 | Mannheim - ZOB (49.99 EUR)
-04.11.17 | 05:00 | Stuttgart - SAB Airport (49.99 EUR)
-03.11.17 | 20:30 | Utrecht - Centraal Station (69.99 EUR)

**You will receive the exact meeting time up to 3 days before the departure. We do not recommend to book train, flight or bus tickets before receiving the final departure times. There could be some smaller modifications. Check always your SPAM folder to be sure you get our e-mails :-)
**Exact arrival time can only be confirmed when bus journey home starts. Please ask your teamer or bus drivers for it :D

Join us and book your ticket here!!

DAY 1: FRIDAY 03.11
-We start to gather up from all cities of departure, expecting a large amount of international students joining for this amazing trip.
-Time to get some rest or make new friends during bus ride to Switzerland! :-)

-Arrival to Rhine Falls in the morning. Time for breakfast! We have already prepared snack packages for everyone :)
-One hour stop in the morning at the Rhine Falls - Europe's largest waterfall to admire the stunning 23-meter drop of the river Rhine waters.
-Around 10:00: We will reach the pretty little city of Lucerne, with its beautiful spots, deep blue sea and a breathtaking view on the Alps. There you will have the possibility to take a walk through the ancient monuments of the Old Town and enjoy the surrounding nature and stunning view.
-Around 13:00: We will visit the most popular city in Switzerland: Zurich! Nothing epitomizes Luxury like this city does! We recommend an invigorating hike up to the top of the Uetliberg mountain and then a pleasant afternoon strolling along the gleaming Limmat river, which is flanked by the city's most famous pieces of architecture.
-Around 23:00: Departure from Zurich to your home cities.

DAY 3: SUNDAY 05.11
-Arrival to the cities of departure.
-Exact arrival time can only be confirmed when bus journey home starts. Please ask your teamer or bus drivers for it :D

-Bus transfer to and from your destination with a team member of pm2am - student trips
-The start-your-day pm2am Student Trips snack package
-Free Map and travel information of Zurich and Lucerne
-Inside tips of Zurich and Lucerne
-Free post card of Zurich and Lucerne

- Non- EU Citizens: need a Valid Passport AND Valid Schengen Visa or a Residence Permit.
- EU citizens need a valid Passport or National Identification card (Driving license is not sufficient)
**Photocopies and photographs of above documents will not be accepted.

We are looking forward to meeting and welcoming you on board! It is going to be a great adventure!!! Spread the word and share this event with your friends!

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  • Hello, I am interested in this trip. Can you arrange me for pick up from Erlangen or Nurnberg ?? Thanks