17. August 2018 - 18:00
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Urban Harbor | Oberhafenkantine Berlin | Freitag, 17. August 2018

Let’s get lost in Berlin. The dark nightlife in concrete castles, the sunny and green parks with their open air events, the endless bars where nights are spent and the delicious cafes where hangovers are cured. We want you to get lost with us in a new location.The green and luminous Oberhafenkantine in the heart of Kreuzberg is the place to be. It is a wooden replica of a building from another century and brings a certain nostalgic harbour flair to our beloved city. The original from Hamburg was a place for the dockers to grab some food and get some rest from their challenging work - but you earn something better than ancient hanseatic food and music. So, we are going to make it the Berlin about your deadline and the fast pace of the city and let the music guide you into the night. Enjoy some of Berlin’s finest live bands and cool down in the hot city summer with refreshing drinks. Grab some delicious food or ice cream while you celebrate the start of the weekend.Let us lead you into a green refugium that you wouldn‘t expect in this pulsating city. So, you better hoist the sails and ship up to our “Urban Harbour” at specials and artist are going to be announced HarborFri., August 17 at Oberhafenkantine/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////AstronautalisImmerse into Astronautalis’ ocean of newly defined hip hop music. His music is inspired by several genres beside hip hop and rap music such as indie and alternative tunes and a touch of soul. His lyrics and raw voice invite you on a journey through the brain of a mastermind by leading you straight to his honest, socio-critical, and sometimes angry thoughts and ideas. In combination with the heroical melodies and tunes he creates an epic and authentic atmosphere which is underlined by his outstanding solo live performance. So sit back and enjoy the ride with the astronaut of oceans.“Running Away From God” (Live): Cobain”: GraceThe amazing Stephanie Grace is going to open our live music stage like a magnificent sunrise. The australian singer/songwriter will let you drift away from all of your everyday troubles and fears by showing you her nearly perfect world full of happiness and delight. Let your soul float to the groovy rhythms, catchy melodies and sometimes thoughtful and dreamy but also cheerful lyrics. Stephanie knows how to energize the crowd with her charismatic souly and bright voice - let her be the sunshine in your ears for a serene and joyful start in the evening. “Concentrate” (Live): Leaving Home” (Live): : tba/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Vonder x Berlin SessionsVonder exists to provide people with wanderlust that leads them around the globe in search of new experiences and more than just a home base while traveling or working abroad and striving to provide a true sense of belonging.All being delivered with the highest customer experience, with minimum hassle and red tape. Vonderers have no time to waste, there is too much to see and too much to do.#berlinsessions - We love to see your point of view! Tag us on all your social channels!♥ We are really looking forward to enjoy this very special night with you ♥ Please don’t forget to be early as there is just space for approx. 400 people due to security restrictions: First come - first serve! ♥