20. September 2018 - 19:00 bis 21:00
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MAKE STRESS YOUR FRIEND | greifs 208-space for personal development | Donnerstag, 20. September 2018

How to deal with Stress to stay healthy and to perform on peak on a long run!!!
Did you already know, that our unconscious mind possesses almost about 90% of all our capacities and resources?
What does that mean for you in this context?
If we humans try to change things exclusively with our rational mind, we only use about 10% of all our capacities and resources!! Maybe you know that from yourself or from others, that sometimes we try to change something and it cost us a lot of energy. Sometimes we manage to do, sometimes we don’t.. But most of the time its hard work!
That is, because some things are ruled by the unconsciousness and that for, trying to change it merely with our consciousness is like trying to lift a heavy weight with only our little finger…
If we could use though the power of the other fingers in our case the other 90% how much would that help?
A lot, I promise you!!
Knowing all that wouldn’t it be way more efficient to involve our unconsciousness in learning new capabilities or unlearn unhealthy and limiting ones?

how much faster could you learn?

how much easier would learning be? and

how much fun apprehending a new skill will be?

In this guided Meditation will you learn consciously as well as unconsciously how to deal with stress more efficiently. Experience the mindset of peak performers and Athletes so in your future stress will be a decision and rather enjoyable then something we try to avoid.
What that sounds crazy to you?
-Difficult to believe?
Then come and look for yourself. -You can only win!! Together we will go on a journey, guided by Florian Hager “High-Performance & Flow Coach and Trainer, Paulina (Hypnose-Coach) and accompanied by live Music from Miroslav Grosser (Voice Coach and Improvisation Musician) and Violeta Koleva.