23. Juli 2018 - 19:00 bis 23:00
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Italian Cooking Event | Pastificio Tosatti | Montag, 23. Juli 2018

The 23rd of July from 7pm until 11pm in English.
Join the event and learn how to make authentic Italian food while having fun!
What is going to happen: The EVENT
The chef of Pastificio Tosatti will teach you how to prepare fresh gnocchi. The cooking workshop will be followed by a social part in which you will eat what you made, get to know the other participants in the group and enjoy a drink.
PRICE: EUR 30 for the cooking event
What’s included in the price?

1 glass of prosecco 

Cooking workshop to learn how to prepare gnocchi

Dinner with gnocchi with Bolognese sauce or tomato sauce

Water to drink

Participants will be offered a glass of prosecco at the start of the workshop, but additional drinks (except water) are not included
Meet the CHEF:
Pastificio Tosatti is going to host the first gnocchi cooking class.
The restaurant’s chef, Tosatti, has studied the art of making pasta in Bologna: the gastronomic capital of Italy specialized in fresh pasta. Everything that he prepares at his restaurant is made by his hands. During the workshop he will share all the secrets to make a delicious plate of gnocchi.
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