12. Dezember 2019 - 19:30 bis 21:30
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Gong Sound Bath, Guided Meditation & Ayurvedic Golden Milk | Life Artists Creators Hub | Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2019

Gong Sound Bath
Guided Meditation
Ayurvedic Golden Milk

Relax | Float | Soothe
Welcome to total mind-body relaxation – no effort required.

This trio of practices work together to easily and joyfully relax your brainwaves into a meditative state and take you on a soundwave journey that has been described as cosmic, trippy, and definitely unique!

All are welcome – no experience of yoga, meditation or sound healing necessary.

An unparalleled experience in which you are bathed (clothes on!) in the transformational vibrations of Paiste Gongs, which experts consider to be the world’s highest quality. The 34" Paiste Symphonic Gong, 24" Paiste Synodic Moon Gong, Tibetan Singing Bowl & other soothing instruments create a cosmic soundscape. The session includes time at the end for special 1-on-1 attention with the handheld Moon Gong!

As you lay comfortably, you are bathed in the Gongs' restorative frequencies, which can feel like a sonic massage. When the Gong is played live it produces very powerful vibrations, which help to release blockages in the body. This is the live benefit of Gongs that can’t be replicated by recordings. Participants have reported feeling the vibrations tingling through them as they enjoyed colourful visualisations, dreamscapes and inner journeys.

Sound and vibration have been used for healing since ancient times. Now an increasing number of scientific studies have backed up the power of sound to regenerate human cells and to naturally lower the brainwaves into a calming, meditative state that releases stress and tension. Each gong bath is different for every being, try it for yourself to see!

The word ‘meditation’ is bandied about a lot these days and there is a lot of confusion about what it means. It can seem intimidating as we are often wrongly led to believe that it means having no thoughts or sitting for hours in painful positions.

Actually meditation is something that we were all born able to do - just take a look at how children easily sit still and daydream - but we are reconditioned away from this state of 'being' by a society that requires us to always be ‘doing’. Meditation is simply about bringing us back to a state of ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. You don’t have to be spiritual to meditate and anyone can learn how to do it. Once you’re taught the steps, this brain exercise just requires gentle practice to improve.

You will be gently guided into stillness using body relaxation and breathing techniques that have been scientifically proven to bring the mind-body into a calm state.

While anyone can meditate, it’s important to learn from a trained guide (just as you would only go to a yoga class taught by a trained yoga teacher). Ciara of Spectral Solas employs meditation guidance techniques she learnt in her meditation teacher training in Rishikesh and with the Australian Centre for Holistic Studies, to ensure that an effective and accessible experience.

Several scientific studies over the past 50 years have proven what meditators long knew; that meditation benefits the body and mind. It’s the most effective and simple stress reduction technique and it is available to you for free at any moment; no equipment or expensive gym memberships required!

Among its many benefits include improved memory, concentration, self-esteem and physical health, prevention of age-related decline in brain function, decreased anxiety and depression and higher immunity against inflammatory diseases like IBS and asthma.

Meditation practice also strengthens the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain that's responsible for decisions that benefit or harm our health. People with strong prefrontal cortexes have been proven to find it easier to cut back on smoking, drinking and to eat better. So meditation actually makes it easier for us to look after ourselves as it eases cravings!

Our signature dish made with love! This vegan health tonic with bio oat milk, health-promoting turmeric and other spices will help to ground you back in your body and to glide home in bliss.

Mats, blankets and cushions available at the studio. Feel free to bring anything else you’d like to make yourself more comfortable

Please arrive hydrated and avoid heavy meals and alcohol in advance. It’s best to wear comfy, warm layers and bring water.

Once the event starts we can't let anyone else in so please arrive at least 15 minutes in advance.

If you’re pregnant or have sensitivity to sound contact us beforehand by messaging emailing spectralsolas@gmail.com.

TICKETS:* Reduced price with Student ID or Berlinpass to be shown at the door ~ 15 €
* For 3 Tickets available to use from August to December 2019 ~ 45 €* For 5 Tickets available to use from August to December 2019 ~ 80 €Please include name and email in bank transfer. Tickets will be emailed after transfer to:IBAN: DE24 1001 1001 2622 7840 31BIC: NTSBDEB1XXX

Life Artists Creators Hub (Pyramid Floor)
Milastraße 4, 10437 Berlin

To find the Pyramid Floor:
Walk through the Life Artists entrance hallway, up the stairs, past the room marked 'Main Floor', go up the next stairs and you're at the 'Pyramid Floor'