20. September 2019 - 19:00 bis 23:30
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Blind Signal GRMN VTMN | Kleiner Wasserspeicher | Freitag, 20. September 2019

Blind Signal GRMN - VTNM aims to investigate the diversities and wide range of sonic practice through collaborative creations across multiple geographies.
The second edition to the two part series: Blind Signal GRMN-VTNM, nice solo artists, musicians and composers from Vietnam and Germany, will be creating new pieces engaging the specificities of the space.
AGF poemproducer aka Antye Greie, Audrey Chen, Hương DonNa, Els Vandeweyer, Erik K Skodvin, Lương Huệ Trinh, Julius Holtz, LinhHafornow and Sabine Ercklentz are invited for five days of collective work, willing to create a common ground in the exploration of sonic arts, promoting immersive group listening experiences fully stimulate by noise, silence, frequency, transmission, performativities of media objects, resonance and acoustics, while remaining sensitive to the individual complexities and poetics of each identities.
Following three days of research, the musicians and composers will offer solo live acts and several sound pieces that will be presented in the premises at the Kleiner Wasserspeicher on Friday 20 & Saturday 21 of September, 2019.
Artistic exchange is a phenomenal act that allows for the open sharing of creativity between different realities. The main goal of the project is to offer a bridge linking Berlin-based and Vietnamese artists that will benefit both sides. Hoping that interesting new works might emerge and continue beyond this specific event.
Above all we understand that project location has an undeniable impact on artistic creation. Therefore, this residency will offer to artists an atypical crossing space where their experience can be expanded, both for Hanoi and Berlin residents. Blind Signal is a celebration of Sound art as a possible platform for connection between distant geographies, communities and cultural backgrounds.