30. Juni 2019 - 14:00 bis 17:00
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BELIEF SYSTEMS & IMPRINTS (Workshop) | yogatribe | Sonntag, 30. Juni 2019

"Re-connection to the internal body, is the best health insurance one can have"​Julie Sundara will lead us through her signature technique. "Know your Belief Systems."This deep dive, guided journey with writing, shape and form will give you definitive clarity on your beliefs and subconscious programs that affect your health, wealth, relationships and purpose in life. Once understood, processed and refined we will then be lead through a tried and tested technique for the subconscious programs. This information can be applied as a mini training for yourself and you can take it with you into the weeks that follow.Any residual, negative and/or blocking programs are cleansed , upgraded and changed … resulting in a more prosperous, healthy, love filled and purposeful life.Paper, pens, colored pencils and water colours will be available … please feel free to bring other materials for the journey if you like.

With Julie Sundara, a senior yoga instructor, longevity expert and physical/emotional therapist, intuitive and energetic healer and life coach. In the last three decades of teaching and experience, she has found that there are fundamental principles governing success in all these areas and it is her life passion to share this with humanity. www.sundaralifesystem.com