09. Januar 2020 - 19:00
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Advanced Radical Honesty Retreat | Marvin Schulz & Jura Glo | TBD | Donnerstag, 09. Januar 2020

Be the Leader of your Life and Inspire Others.
So you have been to at least one Radical Honesty workshop with a certified trainer (or Jura Glo because she is equally awesome), you have practiced Radical Honesty with important people in your life? You want to experience how deep the rabbit hole of shared honesty goes and how to connect to others being the truest version of yourself?
Better than New Year Resolutions: New Year Lessconfusions
On the 9th of January, we will venture into our personal practice of Radical Honesty. You will be surrounded by experienced truthtellers, supporting you in being honest. You get to experience the deep-end of Radical Honesty: aligning your communication with your awareness to outgrow your mind and come back to your senses…
...thus embodying love as a human being in the moment.
You get to experience being grounded in the here and now by using your body as the bedrock for your communication. Our goal is for you to take charge of your awareness, insource all your feelings, and take back the steering wheel of your life. 
We want you to learn how to use your mind as a playful tool to create life as you want it!
Further Goals of this retreat:
We will focus on community building by fine-tuning the way we express ourselves within the group: how do you ask for what you want? How do you get what you don’t want? How do you create the reality for yourself that serves you and how you sabotage your relations? 
In this retreat, we will strengthen your ability to quickly move past obsessive thinking into a deep connection with your surroundings. Further, by doing hot-seat work we support you to integrate parts that you have been hiding from yourself. As a result of the retreat setting, we will spend more time on personal interactions and go beyond resentments and appreciations to uncover a wider spectrum of experiences.
You will leave this retreat with new honest friends, uncompromised inner comfort to be as you are, lightness of being and more clarity on how to become a powerful creator of your own life. If this is what you’re looking for, sign up.
Dates, Timing & Investment
Date: January 9th to 12th,  2020
Timing: Thursday 19:00 o’clock to Sunday 20:00 o’clock (including 15 hours of the curriculum). The closing of the workshop is on Sunday at 18 o’clock, please don’t plan your departure before that time).
Early bird 420 EUR until November 20th. 
Retreat Price 480 EUR thereafter.
Price does not include food and accommodation. Those costs will be announced as soon as the location of the retreat. 
Marvin Schulz, Radical Honesty Trainer

Marvin Schulz, M.Sc., is one of the most experienced Radical Honesty Trainers and organizes workshops in Europe, Africa, and the Americas. As a former auditor for investment banks in New York and Executive Assistant for a multi-billion dollar company on Broadway, Marvin experienced the detrimental effects of lying and withholding first hand: at age 26, he was depressed and burned out. 
“I had a promising career in front of me. However, I felt horrible and empty. None of the money I made could compensate for my inner yearning for love, connection and a happy life. After deciding not to kill myself, I opted for a Radical Honesty Workshop. After that, I still killed myself, but in a very different way: I killed my self-image and completed my past.”
Marvin left the corporate rat wheel and embarked on his journey towards a more authentic, joyous, and connected life. He returned to Germany and healed his own wounds by having honest conversations with important people. He cleaned up his past using Radical Honesty. Dr. Blanton invited Marvin to live at his place in Virginia for one season and certified him as a Radical Honesty trainer three years later.
Here is a beautiful video from one of Marvin’s workshops.
Marvin has the ability to bring humor into seemingly serious processes while staying compassionate and curious. He is comfortable going into discomfort and can guide participants in re-experiencing hurt and pain while holding them in the here and now. His style is inquisitive, simple, and direct – often with a wink and never without compassion. Marvin has lived in China, Mexico, South Africa and the United States and studied cross-cultural communication. He currently resides in Prague, Czech Republic, where he produces music, drinks coffee and enjoys what he often calls the most beautiful city in the world. If you want to learn more, visit his website:
Jura Glo, Radical Honesty Trainer Candidate

Jura is the founder of the biggest Radical Honesty community in Europe. She started practicing and leading groups in Radical Honesty in 2014 after seeing how impossible it became to hide and pretend to be happy and successful. After dropping out of Master Studies, she quite her job and taught herself all the skills she needed to work and live the life she wanted. Now she is an experienced transformational workshop leader and personal coach that specializes in Honesty, Intimacy & Sexuality. She is a founder of a visionary organization TransformWork which focuses on creating safe spaces for people to explore, discover and export new and forgotten ways of being, working and relating with each other.
She supports people with transitioning in life. Her work is radical, sharp in precision and extremely effective. After working with Jura, people report radical changes in their lives and unusual level of happiness and content. They report feeling more free, honest and courageous in asking for what they want, starting new relationship and job. Their relationships got simpler and acquired more depth and fulfillment. They changed their attitude to life and work and developed new habits that serve their sensing well being. Jura serves change that is positive, complete and revolutionary.

“I'm here to live the life of quality and integrity and serve my surroundings as I go. I'm here to live from the inside out, to receive and to give, to take care of myself and care for others. I'm a walking breathing revolution in action and I'm here to support you in your transformational experience. I bring out change in others with my presence and actions. I'm a surgeon with the gift of a sharp perceptive mind, I'm a mother with my loving and caring nature, I'm a wounded warrior with a great sense of injustice, I'm a lover and creator of the new paradigm, designer of my World, and you are welcome to join. Openness is the key!”
www.JuraGlo.com | Radical Honesty Berlin | TransformWork | HONEST Dating Coach