21. Juni 2018 - 17:30 bis 19:30
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June 21st Green Carpet Day Mixer at Wealth Wave in Atascadero | Wealth Wave - Atascadero | Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2018

Calling all business professionals!  
It's another neeto-networking experience brought to you by SLO Business Network! Experience focused networking & co-marketing that promotes a deeper & more personalized referral system. 
Attendees to the Green Carpet Day brought to you at the Wealth Wave Workspace in Atascadero will have the opportunity to:

Make a 30 second intro
Meet new contacts
Build strong referral sources
Build upon professional skills
Motivational inspiration

SLO Business Network has partnered with the Wealth Wave Workspace conveniently located in the Kennedy Club Business Complex.  It is our goal to bring to our community all kinds of resources through a collaborative and fun event that will include guest speakers, local wines, tasty nibbles and a wide variety of participating business professionals eager to grow their business acumen & cultivate referral partnerships. 
Agenda for May 17th goes like this: 
5:30 to 6:15 Wine down - person to person networking with refreshments and appetizers. 
Program starts at 6:15: 

Attendee introductions - Everyone gets a chance to present their 30 second "elevator speech" be sure to bring business cards to share! 
Guest Speaker: Jo Whipp - "From Crazy to Clarity"
Business Spotlight - TBA
Do you need a money makeover?  Wealth Wave's 6 steps to gain control of you financial future.